Between two tortoises

Stare down, a battle of wills, between two tortoises.

It’s a favourite place for children, and in general it seems a happy place, full of animals from four continents. The camels are extremely friendly, pigs wander free, and goats escape their fields. Children can bottle feed kid goats, ride camels and ponies, throw bread to the ostriches. But like all zoos some animals are kept in cages. Soon I see a sad squirrel, and a depressed monkey, and I become ashamed. Some of us seem content within in our fences, but most of us need to be free.


5 thoughts on “Between two tortoises”

  1. I agree it is sad to have animals in cages. I did have someone who I value their opinion tell me “Inner city children, farming families and other people who will never have the opportunity to travel or go on a safari, will benefit by going to a zoo. ” It did seem to make sense. Hoping most zoo’s have a more open, natural setting these days. Animals in books are not the same as living examples. I still love the look of awe on a child’s face when a giraffe towers over them. 🙂

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  2. I think the one on the right has the advantage in the stare down. I agree that most zoos are sad. It might be okay in some situations such as rehabitation centers to display animals that we may never otherwise encounter, but when they are showcased for our amusement and entertainment, it does great harm to the animals and sends very skewed messages to humans about the sanctity of lives other that our own species. Okay, end of sermon.

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    1. Just came back and reread that. I got a little carried away in spouting off my beliefs. Feel free to delete the comment above. It’s a lovely photo of two turtles, not a venue for animal rights. Sorry 😀

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