Choose the beautiful path

Thankyou very much, beautiful Robin of witlessdatingafterfifty for passing  your nomination this way, for the ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’.

I follow these bloggers simply because I find their work ‘Beautiful’, and I feel sure that they are beautiful people too, so I would like to nominate them for this award. They are :

Cavepainter, of  Too Much White Paper         Helen, of  Helen’s Journal

James, of  JAMES MAYOR BLOG       Pat Cegan, of  Source of Inspiration

Thomas Gable, of  When Timber Makes One Still

I was just turned three years old, when our mother died at the age of thirty three years. She was an intelligent, elegant and beautiful woman who loved to paint, and had aspirations to write. Her pen name was Veronica Lake, the christian name given to me, but whether she had published work I do not know. I like to think that she gave her vision for painting to my sister, and her words to write, to me.


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