Cork oak

They corked a bottle or two in their youths. But now they sit companionably alongside the path. Watching a new world, and just waiting.

Their backs are bent with the weight of life. Some limbs are lost in the storms. Their knuckles are gnarled from the cold frosty morns’, and their skin thickened, sun beaten brown. Deep scars tell stories of steel wounds, while evergreen leaves grow sparse.

Now, ants crawl up through the crevices. Ivy clasps with her fingers and climbs. Lichen and moss colour with blue green bruises. And young saplings push their way past.

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing that every picture tells a story. This one, of wine bottle and cork.


5 thoughts on “Cork oak”

  1. This is a lovely photo and piece about these important trees. I used to live in The Algarve in Portugal and just loved the cork oaks and always thought of nature, drinking with friends and wines sailing on boats along the Douro. Now so many wines have screw tops or manufactured synthetic corks. In some ways that preserved the corks but for me it won’t be like a real cork.


  2. I would love to see cork oaks in their natural habitat. They are clearly not belonging here, in the south west. I see just a few old trees that were obviously planted next to wine chateaux. But they do impress me.


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