Newborn lamb

Born Sunday 13th December 2015.
Born Sunday 13th December 2015.

a look, completeness
falling in love with your child
thereafter, ceaseless

Ronovanwrites Haiku challenge : look and charm

copyright 2015 veronica lacroix


12 thoughts on “Newborn lamb”

    1. I like the idea of wool spinning, but I’ve not tried it yet. We have three sheep only, and their wool is black. The sheep shearer never wants it because its unsellable. It ends up on the bonfire. Shame. Thanks for your comment.


  1. Black wool is highly prized in Australia by wool spinners and knitters. There are some hobby sheep breeders who specialise in coloured sheep so they can sell the wool to spinners and knitters. Maybe you will discover people who spin and knit in your locality who will buy the wool.

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  2. Oh! So loving. I had a dream I was in a field of black sheep just the other night. There is something special in the adorable qualities of a baby sheep. I want them to remain small. And I love their color being black, it make them look more adorable. Lovely Haiku and magnificent images. Thank you for sharing such Joy. – jk 😀

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