Fireside memories

Wispy curls of pleasure I inhale, sweet, warm, woody smells, a trail to my door invites, warmth hits as I open, a cosy shawl wraps around, drawing me in.

I walk toward the fire hypnotised, its hot glow burns my cheeks to red, I sit and stare, fascinated in flickering dance, soothed by sizzling sounds.

 Dreamy images drift, the stove in our kitchen, with washing above, sister and me, toasting teacakes to crispy black, scraping, then buttering with sooty knives.

That moment when, we sat by the fire, telling me, he loves me, lights low, tv murmurs in the background, there, my heart aflame, in the firelight, forever.

For dVerse poetry prompt : a memory evoked by scent



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