Legend of The Pyrenees

“Pyrene, Pyrene!”
The winds wail through the valleys,
“Pyrene, Pyrene!”
The gaves cascade grievously,
“Pyrene, Pyrene!”
The cries of Hercules echo,
Till the mountain tops moan,
“Pyrene, Pyrene!”

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The Legend of the Pyrenees

Hercules was following his quest of Labors, when he was invited to rest the night with Bebryx, the King of Mediterranean Gaul.  He fell in love with the Kings daughter, Pyrene, and she with him. They became lovers. When he left to continue his quest, Pyrene found herself pregnant, and ran shamefully into the woods to hide from her father. There she was killed by a wild beast. Her screams were heard by Hercules across the land, and he rushed to save her. But too late, he fell upon her dead body. He was filled with grief, and at her burial before the throne of her father, he carried many great stones from the plains to place over her body, building a memorial in her namesake, forever.

PS. There are numerous versions of this legend. This is my prefered.


21 thoughts on “Legend of The Pyrenees”

  1. Thank you for sharing the myth behind your poem. Your repeated “Pyrene!” is very effective in conveying the sorrow and tragedy of your poem. And still you can hear his cry…how sad.
    Gayle ~

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      1. I would love to see the French side and all of your countryside which includes your vineyards, farms and churches you have featured over the time I have read your posts. Take care and have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

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