The Arrow

The Arrow by Marin Sorescu and translated from the Romanian, by John Hartley Williams & Hilde Ottschofski

Wounded, he’d have
been lost in the forest
had he not followed the arrow.

More than half
of it
protuded from his chest
and showed him the way.

The arrow
had struck him in the back
and pierced his body.
Its bloody tip
was a signpost.

What a blessing
to have it point
a path
between the trees!

Now he knew
he’d never again
go wrong

and he
was’nt far
from the mark.



2 thoughts on “The Arrow”

  1. Fascinating poem. Personally… I think I would prefer finding a sign with a printed arrow that said “This Way Between The Trees”. But it is an interesting scenario… and a really neat photograph.


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