The Martyred Village

When war takes a human being,
Then transforms him using trauma and fear,
Into an inhumane killing machine,
Well, there is the most heinous crime.

We walk through the Martyred Village that stands today, just as it did that day. The metallic bones of a pushchair lie before the Altar.  A rusting car slumps in a garage. Sewing machines speak to us from every house; of families who, one moment were talking, doing, being, and in their next, living death. And then we realise dismally, the corruption of hearts, in war.

” Here some men offended their mothers and all women in the worst manner: They did not even spare the children.” (Paul Éluard 1944)

Saturday, 10th of June 1944, the 2nd SS Panzer Division came to Oradour-sur-Glane, and executed the men in their barns and garages, then executed their mothers, wives and children in the Church as they tried to escape the burning building.  Afterwards they razed the village. 642 people perished, and 6 survived to witness…

“Oradour-sur-Glane : We remember.”


7 thoughts on “The Martyred Village”

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes, Oradour is near Limoges in Haute Vienne, France. It has been preserved as it was that very day to serve a poignant example of the destruction of war, that we may not repeat it again.

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