no, never give up

you will find blue seas and skies

atop of your climb

Dune de Pyla, near Archochon, south west coast of France.
Dune de Pyla, near Arcachon, south west coast of France, the largest sand dune in Europe.

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt : hope and up


10 thoughts on “Climb”

      1. It’s very busy but what’s special is the vernacular. Amazing houses. You know you’re on holiday. And you can imagine yourself to be in the Pacific, blue seas and lakes, pale sand and pine trees. You should explore one day, maybe after the holidays!


      2. PS I did notice buses travelling along the main road, I remember mentioning at the time, that it was good that people without cars could get to the beach. But it was an assumption.


    1. The sand slowly shifts. In fact just this small part of the Dune is fenced, probably for peoples safety. According to Wiki statistics, the ‘pile'(Pyla/Pilat) has a volume of 60,000 000 m.sq, is 500 m wide, 2.7 kms long and 110m above sea level. It’s a beauty.

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