Lost Unicorn

I’ve never seen a soul detached from its gender, but I’d like to. I’d like to see my own that way, free of its female tethers. Maybe it would be like riding a horse. The rider’s the human one, but everyone’s looking at the horse.

by Chase Twichell.


I once believed, that boy and girl, were surely the same. That he thought as I did, and I did as he. ventually to realise, that some mighty influence, had seperated us. And him from me.


25 thoughts on “Lost Unicorn”

  1. iN a practiced world
    a balance of masculine
    and feminine could
    be a way..
    to be filled
    up in every now
    with never anything
    missing from
    of us.. some
    people are born
    this way.. truly they are..
    staying that way is the
    challenge of all cultures..:)

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  2. I’ve followed the creed joy is a choice, choose joy moment by moment for nine years since my near death experience from total renal failure. I was in a coma for six or seven days & I jokingly say not ‘all’ of me returned. I came back feeling divided. Once you catch a glimpse of heaven, a piece of your heart remains there. I had otherworldly experiences while in the coma & that enabled me to discover a new purpose.

    No Tethers
    by Carolyn Injoy

    Freed from my body
    Attached by luminous strands
    To bright glowing orbs.

    I believe it possible to attain a state of continual joy.

    This is what I thought of when I read your delightful words.

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