Weep for water

Weep, willow,                                                  willow,dieulevol church and tree, 018
water is dying,
hateful thought,
life blood of mother as black
as our hearts.

Love, listen,
to waters message,
true respect,
will wash away mothers woe

In response to Jane Dougherty Writes poetry prompt : Shadorma
and d’Verse poetry prompt : Ecopoetry


19 thoughts on “Weep for water”

  1. I love your poetry and the beauty in your living weeping willow. I had one that was taken in the winter as a silhouette. Your comment was beautiful on mine. I enjoyed the reflection in your words. Water needs to be taken better care of, as you mentioned. We need to remember to not pollute and try to keep track of companies that are not careful of their refuse and damage done by drainage of dangerous chemicals. Hugs, Robin

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    1. Lovely comment Robin. When I first read about ‘messages in water’ research by Dr Emoto Samaru, my perspective changed dramatically. He died a year ago but he wrote a book, and made youtube videos. x


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